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A little over ten years ago, Papa and Granny Grant (my husband’s grandparents) gave us an Easter Lily to mark the birth of our first child. The occasion was even more special because our daughter was born on Granny Grant’s … Continue reading

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[Not] Lost in Translation

When my oldest was two, I’d tell her I was making hot tea or a pot of tea. Somehow she combined the two and told our neighbors that mommy liked pot tea. Like Lucy, I had some ‘splainin to do. … Continue reading

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Standing for Jesus

Yesterday was a special day for our family. Our youngest daughter was baptized. You can read about her salvation moment here.     I was up in the wings of the baptistery, so I didn’t get a glimpse of the … Continue reading

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Feel the wind

I took my girls to the library today. As we were walking in, a grandma with her two grandchildren – a boy and a girl – were walking out. As soon as the little girl hit the sidewalk, she broke … Continue reading

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The gift of love

My husband’s grandparents live in the country, about halfway between Dallas and Houston. They have their share of health problems, so I was surprised to learn that my grandfather-in-law hopped in his truck and headed an hour away to Bryan-College … Continue reading

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From lemons to lemonade

My mom’s neighbor has a lemon tree in her backyard. She gave us a bag of these super-sized lemons, and my daughters wanted to make homemade lemonade. We loosely followed this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, but we added an … Continue reading

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Just an ordinary Thursday

Have you ever caught a glimpse of God at work in the ordinary, everyday things of life? I did today. It started out as an ordinary Thursday…a little on the blah side, if you want the truth. I lost my … Continue reading

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