Things that are good

So I recently wrote about my attempts to fix healthier meals for my family. You can read that post here.

Some attempts have crashed and burned. Some have elicited a half-hearted “Meh.” (Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I take all the encouragement I can get.)

Encouragement, however, was not on the menu last night as my youngest daughter offered up this heartfelt prayer.

“Dear God, thank you for the food on this table that’s good.”

Um, dear daughter, thank you for praying. Any other feedback should be directed to our customer service department.

But, seriously, the food on this table that’s good? And what, pray tell, are those dishes? Man cannot live on cheese and tortillas alone.

You see, I know something my daughter doesn’t. Things that taste delicious aren’t always best for us. We need other foods on our plate to keep us healthy and strong.

Don’t we tell God the same thing?

Dear God, thank you for the things in my life that are good…all the while implying we have things that are not so good and, for goodness sake, won’t he take them off our plate?

I know I’ve prayed that prayer many times. I can barely eek out words of thanksgiving before I launch into laments of not-so-thanksgiving.

But what if God, in all his sovereignty, looks at our plates and tells us to eat. That the food before is exactly what we need to make us strong.

I’m trying to stomach a few vegetables right now. The house behind us is bank-owned and for sale. Two days ago workmen in the backyard cut our phone and Internet line.

My husband called Comcast to see about getting it repaired. Next Tuesday is the earliest they can come out.

Wait, whaaat?

It’s not like we live out in the boondocks. Why so long?

The Comcast rep said we could log on to their website to put our names on a stand-by list in case they have any cancellations.

Oh the irony.

So I called the real estate agent who has the listing to see if she could arrange a temporary fix.

Three phone calls later, her message came through loud and clear, “Not my problem.”

So we’re off the grid. Laying low, people. Which means you won’t read this post until next week when our Internet connection is fixed. Unless I pack up my little operation and take it to Chick-fil-A, home of the chicken sandwich and free Wi-fi.

But after much grousing and dreaming up all sorts of wonderfully evil payback schemes, my husband and I decided there isn’t much else we can do but accept the situation for what it is.

A chance to disconnect. And nope, it didn’t taste good at first.

But I’m beginning to see fragments of beauty in it. Like the fact that I’ve read from my real, actual Bible instead of an electronic version. The Bible that has my handwritten notes in it, little glimpses of years past.

And the fact that I finished a book today that’s been sitting on my nightstand for more than a month.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s good to pull the plug once in a while. Maybe.

So what if the trials we’re facing today will nourish us for the future? What if the temptations against which we struggle are strengthening our dependence on Him, the Author of Life?

Consider these words from Proverbs 3:

“Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.”

Like my daughter, I may not like the look of everything on my plate. But I’ll take a bite, trusting Him to give me what I need.

Let’s talk: Do you have anything on your plate you don’t like? Have you seen any ways God is using it to strengthen you?

*Update: Internet is restored. Yay! Although it’s a tenuous connection at best, because there is an orange cable running across our yard that the dog could chew up at any moment. But, hey, I’ll take it!

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