Too heavy for you

We were hanging out with friends on Sunday night, the dads watching football in the living room, the kids playing outside, and the moms gathered in the kitchen where we were, of course, solving all the problems of the world.

One of my friends brought up something her son had seen on TV, a topic that was beyond his nine years. (Take your pick from today’s news: Ebola, Isis, abortion, same-sex marriage – there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ floating out there.)

She wasn’t sure the best way to handle it, other than to tell him it was something they’d talk about when he was older.

Then, THEN, one of the other moms gave such a brilliant illustration I had to pass it along, just in case it benefits any of you, my reader friends.

She said that when her kids ask about a weighty issue, she’ll remind them of how it is when they’re at the airport.

“You know how your suitcase gets so heavy, I carry it for you?” she asks. “This [insert issue] is too heavy for you right now, so let me carry it a little longer.”

Awesome, right?

I’ve got this little gem filed away in my mind for future use with my daughters.

It also got me thinking this is often the case with God. How many times has He ‘carried’ something because it was too heavy for me?

How many times have I petitioned Him, begged for answers, when – if I’d just be quiet long enough – He’d lean down and whisper, “This is too heavy for you. Let me carry it a little longer.”

Psalm 63:8 says

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me. (NIV)

Or from The Message (because I’m into it right now and want to share)

I hold on to you for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post.

There are new headlines every day, every hour. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if we cling to God, He’s got this.

Let’s talk: How do you answer hard questions from your kids? Any other tips to share?

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