When you don’t measure up, Part Two

So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my last post was about not measuring up.

I seem to be doing a lot of that these days.

In an effort to eat a little better, I’ve attempted to add one über-healthy meal to our menu each week. Two weeks ago, it was a kale-bean soup. I was the only one of our family who tolerated enjoyed the soup.

Last week, it was baked chicken, steamed broccoli, and quinoa. Sounds delicious, right?

Uh, wrong-o.

My youngest, knowing that she had to at least attempt a bite, muttered under her breath (but loud enough for me to hear):

“This is the worst meal we’ve every had.”

Hmmph, no compliments to the chef. My husband wasn’t much better. He drowned the quinoa in hot sauce, took a bite, and emptied the rest of the hot sauce bottle on to his plate.

O ye of little faith.

So we’re back to spaghetti and barbeque this week. Feast away, mi familia.

Episode number two is even sadder. As in, my oldest daughter lost a tooth and the tooth fairy FORGOT to visit. Aaaaacck! Why is it so hard to find good help these days?

Anyhow, after much cajoling, I convinced daughter #1 to give the tooth fairy a second chance.

“I’m sure there’s a good reason she didn’t come,” said I.

“There better be,” said she.

But I think she’s on to us because that night before she went to bed, she skulked past us with this warning,

“I want a good story from the tooth fairy, not ‘I was tired and had to sleep.’”

Hmmm, methinks she knows.

So I rose to the occasion. Writing a lengthy epistle with my right hand (not easy for a leftie), I concocted a very believable tale about how the tooth fairy was visiting a little boy in Alaska when her wings froze and she had to wait until they thawed before she could fly to our house.

I think the story did the trick. Either that or the $5 the tooth fairy left with deep remorse for her tardiness.

Crisis averted…until the next one.

In the midst of all this crazy, everyday living, I’m so thankful for God’s assurances of unfailing love.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3

Or as it says in The Message:

“I’ve never quit loving you and never will.
Expect love, love, and more love!”

Love, love, and more love, indeed. Even when we mess up. Even when we’re feeling low. Even when we don’t measure up. God’s love for us doesn’t depend on any of these things.

He loves us because we are His.

Let’s talk: Any rough patches in your week so far? Any instances where God has stepped in and shown you unfailing love?


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