True north

I love the DVR. I love that I can catch up on shows that I’ve missed, and not have to watch a single commercial. It’s awesome.

Anyway, hubby got me hooked on the TV show, Covert Affairs. We missed a few episodes, so we recently spent an evening catching up…our own little Covert Affairs mini-marathon.

There’s a new character this season, Teo Braga, a rebel leader and Colombian extremist with secret ties to the CIA. When he meets CIA operative Annie Walker in South America, Annie begins to wonder about Teo’s loyalties. She questions his “true north.”

That phrase, true north, got me thinking. Our culture is filled with conflicting theories, beliefs, and ideologies. If we listen to the noise around us, it’s easy to lose our way.

Definitions of sin get hazy. Right and wrong lose their clarity.

But for those of us who believe in God, who trust that Jesus is God’s son, our true north is steady and sure.

God doesn’t change. His nature doesn’t change. His word doesn’t change.

Put aside the noise and listen for Him.

He is our True North.

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