Slugs in love

Okay, folks, the moment has arrived.

My husband and I have officially transitioned from ‘can do no wrong’ in the eyes of our children – two girls, ages 7 and 5 – to ‘please don’t embarrass us in public.’

It happened fast. One week we’re cool. The next week…not so much.

The first sign of trouble came when I was dancing around the living room to music from my favorite playlist. Now I’m not a great dancer. Heck, I’m not even a good dancer. But the girls used to love it when I’d pick them up and swing them around when music was playing.

Notice I said ‘used to.’

Then last week, my youngest daughter shook her head at my pirouette.

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me in front of myself,” she moaned.

Is that even possible???

Example number two happened just last night.

I was doing the dishes when my husband leaned in for a kiss.

“Ewww, can you please not do that in front of me?” This time from our oldest daughter. “It reminds me of the book Slugs in love.”

Slugs in love???

That has to be a new low in parenting.

So as I sweep up the remnants of our formerly cool selves, I’m thinking that parenting is a lot like a roller coaster ride…up, surprise curve, nosedive, repeat. Who knows what will happen next?

Let’s talk: Have you ever acted ‘uncool’ in the eyes of your children? What stage of parenting are you in now?


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