I’m different, you’re different, we’re all different

My sister-in-law’s mother is generous. When she buys gifts for her grandson (my nephew), she also buys gifts for my two daughters. They love their cousin’s grandma, aka CeCe.

CeCe’s most recent gift was two boxes of Bend N’ Build Sticks by Play-Doh. This awesome little craft comes with a multitude of colored sticks that kids can bend into any shape they want.

Before they could start playing, my girls had to open the individual packages of sticks, grouped by color.

My oldest daughter, who’s very methodical by nature, opened each package, arranged the sticks in an orderly fashion, wound one stick around the others to keep them together, and moved on to the next package.

Tidy and neat – that’s how she rolls.

My youngest daughter took a slightly different approach. As she opened each package, she threw the sticks in a heap, clearly not concerned with keeping the colors separated.

Adding sticks to the heap.

I love how she sticks out her tongue when she’s concentrating!

No more pictures, Mom!

The end result – a pile of Play-Doh sticks.

Their approaches differed, but as they were each happy with the results, I don’t think it mattered. (Although it might be a different story if CeCe had purchased one box for the girls to share.)

My point is that we’re all different. My girls, even though they come from the same parents and the same home, are different. God created them each to be their own wonderfully unique selves. My older daughter is thoughtful, responsible and conscientious. My younger daughter is independent, free-spirited and passionate. They’re both wonderful in their own way.

God also created YOU to be your own unique self.

Psalm 139:14 says:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

God made you to be you. Be yourself and shine for Him.

Let’s talk: Do you have children? How are they alike? How are they different? What personality traits do you see in yourself? Your kids?

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