World Geography 101

Hello, my blogosphere friends. Sorry I’ve been out this week. Life has been full – for that I’m thankful – but I’ve had little time to write. Then today, I had a conversation that was at once funny and surreal, and I can’t help myself. I have to share.

The girls and I have been in Dallas for the better part of the week and our pantry mice are getting thin. On the way to the grocery store this morning, I was giving my daughters the Wikipedia version of the Olympics.

It went something like this:

Me: The Olympics start today. It’s a big deal because they only take place every four years. Men and women get together and compete against each other in running, swimming, gymnastics and other sports. These athletes come from countries all over the world, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Brazil, Jamaica…

“Candyland?” my youngest daughter interjects.

Me: “Um, no. Candyland isn’t a country.”

Her: “Yes it is.”

Me: “No, it isn’t. Candyland is a made-up place that only exists in a board game.”

“Candyland is a country,” she insists.

Then my older daughter, listening intently, joins the conversation.

Older daughter: “Mom, why isn’t Candyland a country?”

Me: (thinking) “Good grief!” (saying) “I don’t know, sweetheart. It’s part of somebody’s imagination. Whoever invented the game made it up. It’s not a real place.”

Younger daughter: “I want to go to Candyland.”

I’ll stop here, because you get the point. It was one of the conversations I couldn’t have made up. An ‘only with kids’ experience.

Let’s talk: What’s the craziest conversation you’ve ever had?

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