The yin to my yang

The Chinese yin yang is a symbol for balance. Two opposing concepts, each relying on the other to complete the circle.

Isn’t that how it can be with others?

Let me clarify – only in God are we made complete (James 1:4), but often he puts other people in our lives with different strengths and weaknesses to complement the gifts he has given us.

For some people, their yin might be a friend or a sibling. For others, it’s a spouse or a child.

In matters of finance, my husband is the yin to my yang.

When we sit down at our computers, I open Microsoft Word, he opens Microsoft Excel. It’s how we’re wired.

So when it comes down to the business side of my day job (invoices, expense reports and the like), I’m grateful for his gift.

Sure, I can create a spreadsheet if I must. But since he’s more than willing to be my chief financial officer, I’m more than willing to let him.

Let’s talk: What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Who balances you out?

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