The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.

Between end-of-school activities, a quick trip to Dallas, and having company for a few days, my house is most definitely out-of-order.

The kitchen seems to be where everything ends up. Little piles spring up daily, almost like prairie dog mounds. Yesterday I set out to tackle a few of the piles and I unearthed my oldest daughter’s report card. Evidently, it got buried in the heap after I looked at it on the last day of school.

I flipped it over and noticed something written on the back that I hadn’t noticed before. Just four little words, but they stopped me in my tracks.

Promoted to second grade.

Huh? How is my precious girl old enough to be a second grader? Wasn’t it just yesterday I was cradling her in the hospital, marveling at her perfect features? Didn’t she just take her first steps? Say her first word? Lose her first tooth?

My neighbor has a saying about child-rearing: “Longest days, shortest years.”

Friends, that couldn’t be more true. Time passes so quickly. Savor every moment.

Let’s talk: What milestones have you, or your children, reached recently? How did that make you feel?

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