Rewarded with a smile

I mentioned in an earlier post that I started running recently. On mornings that I don’t run, I still have to get out because our dog needs a walk. So I bundle my youngest daughter in the stroller and off we go.

We must be on the same schedule as an older East Indian gentleman because we pass by him nearly every time we’re out. Even though I smile and say “Good morning,” the jury’s still out on how he feels about me.

Maybe he’s not sure of the 60 lb. lab keeping pace next to me. Maybe he’s annoyed at the stroller that takes up every inch of my half of the sidewalk.

Whatever the reason, I’ve never gotten a “Good morning” in return.

Until today.

Because today, when I said “Good morning,” he smiled in return.

He smiled. He smiled! HE SMILED!

Not just a smile for me but a tentative one for my daughter as well.

Let me tell you, it made my day. Life is better when people are smiling.

Who knows, one day in the not-so-distant future, we might even stop and chat. And we’ll learn more about each other than we ever can by observation. Like his name. His wife’s name. Whether he thinks the Houston Astros will ever have another winning season. *Sigh*

But for today, I’m content with a smile.

Let’s talk: Have you ever made progress in a relationship that you thought was at a stalemate? How did you feel?

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