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God is my rock

Recently I spent three days at summer camp with my oldest daughter (she’s 7). It was her first overnight camp experience. When we got home, my husband asked her all the usual questions: Did you have fun? Did you make … Continue reading

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Always love

I know, even as I write this first sentence, that I will not make it through this post dry-eyed. The closing on my grandparents’ home takes place on Friday. After 47 years, the yellow house on Springwater Drive won’t be … Continue reading

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Called to write

This might sound cheesy, but I sense God’s calling me to write. As it turns out, I’m not alone. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve discovered a whole community of people who feel the same way. God has called them … Continue reading

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The crucifixion of Peter

I’ve been mulling over the meaning of home this week. God’s already impressed on me that home is wherever He is, but now I get the sense He’s urging me to take the long view. Yesterday, my mind flashed back … Continue reading

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Not home yet

Do you ever feel like God is trying to get your attention? I do. This morning, as I headed out for a run, I pulled up my favorite playlist and hit shuffle. Halfway along my route two songs played back … Continue reading

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The yin to my yang

The Chinese yin yang is a symbol for balance. Two opposing concepts, each relying on the other to complete the circle. Isn’t that how it can be with others? Let me clarify – only in God are we made complete … Continue reading

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Broken egg

Yesterday morning did not go exactly as planned. Yep, that’s my daughter’s breakfast on the floor. When the egg slipped through my fingers, my girls gasped. Then they made that ‘oooohh’ sound that girls are so good at making. As … Continue reading

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