Dreams tempered by reality

My daughter’s cast comes off today. After six weeks encased in a hard, hot pink shell, her arm will finally see the light of day. Just in time, too. She’s got big plans for this weekend.

We’re headed up to my in-laws’ place in the country. My daughter’s to-do list includes:

1. Jump on the trampoline

2. Play on the Slip ‘n Slide

3. Have a shaving cream war with her cousins

4. Ride the tractor

5. Go fishing

I hate to burst her bubble (although I did express concern about items #1 and #2 – the bills are still rolling in for her arm, and they’re not cheap!)

But I don’t want to squelch her dreams entirely. She’ll find out the meaning of ‘muscle atrophy’ soon enough. And I’ve no doubt that she adjust accordingly. She’s wise beyond her years.

I also know she’s not alone. We all have lists – things we’d like to do, be or accomplish. We all face challenges, too.

And while it’s good to keep the desired outcome in mind, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate when you clear a hurdle. Remember this:

It’s not just how far you go in life; it’s what you overcome along the way.

Challenges have merit in their own right. They test our mettle. They develop problem-solving, perseverance and patience.

When that cast comes off, my daughter’s arm may not yet be 100 percent, but this is a big step in the right direction.

Let’s talk: What obstacles do you face on the way to realizing your dreams? How do you feel when you win small victories?

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