Sprint or marathon?

My husband and I have both started running again after a hiatus (just a few months break for him; years for me!) We both know that it’s good for us. The approach is where we differ.

You see, he’s a sprinter. He averaged a 9-minute mile this morning and was oh-so-happy. He likes life in the fast lane.

Not me. I’m more like the tortoise. Slow and steady. That’s how I roll in life, too. I tend to take the long view of things.

How about you? Do you favor the sprint or the marathon?

Now let’s take this train of thought and apply it to a different situation.

Since I’m an aspiring author, I want to lay before you the choice of two different writing careers. I’m interested to see which one you’d pick.

In the first option, you write one or two blockbuster books that soar to the top of every bestseller list. Instant worldwide fame. The accolades pile on top of the other. But then you lose steam. Your writing muse turns to dust. Your fifteen minutes are up. But still, you once reached a summit many dream about, but few witness.

In the second instance, you publish a number of books over several decades. Your books don’t push you into the spotlight, but the canon of your work creates a lasting impression on readers. They come back for more because you faithfully produce quality work time and again.

Let’s talk: Which option would you choose? Why?




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