Is your man a keeper?

When my husband and I were dating, I emailed him a list of “10 things I love about you.

Number seven or eight on the list was “You are kind to everyone.”  Ten years later, that’s still true.

Case in point:

On Saturday evening, we took my grandmother out for Chinese food. I’d been shopping, so the plan was for me to pick up my grandmother while my husband brought the kids. We would all meet at the restaurant.

Not surprisingly, my husband and kids got there first. As they walked into the restaurant, a middle-aged women with a British accent stopped my husband. She had just been released from the hospital, was driving home, and her car ran out of gas. A couple of men helped her push her car into the parking lot, but she was still stranded.

When he heard her story, my husband loaded the kids back in his truck and drove the woman to a nearby gas station. Refusing to let her get out her wallet, he paid for a gas can and a gallon of gas. They went back to the restaurant where he put gas in her car and got it started. She went on her way.

Later, while we were eating dinner, the woman came back to the restaurant. She thanked my husband profusely and brought a box of cookies for our girls. Sitting at the table watching this exchange, I couldn’t help but think of that long-ago email. He was, and still is, kind to everyone.

If you’re a single gal and you want to know a good measure of a man, it’s this:

Is he kind to others?

Because when it’s all said and done – you’ve said your vows and eaten the wedding cake –  his kindness will remain.

I’ve been on the receiving end of my husband’s kindness more times than I can count. So have our daughters. So have our friends and extended family.

In fact, if I was to rewrite that long-ago email, I think I’d move kindness up the list. I appreciate it more the longer we are married.

And before you say it – I already know. I’m one lucky girl.

Let’s talk: What qualities matter most to you in a spouse? Why?

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