On deadline

Like most bloggers, I have a day job.

My day job involves writing. And deadlines.

I was on deadline this weekend, so I tucked myself into a corner of the house to write. It wasn’t long before child #1 found me. Then child #2. Finally, my hubby joined the mix. In the span of 15 minutes, my quiet oasis had turned into a rough-and-tumble play space for the whole family. To make matters worse, rain was coming down in sheets outside, meaning we were cooped up for the day – all together.

I could feel my frustration mounting. My articles wouldn’t write themselves. Surely hubby and kids could find something to entertain them that didn’t involve me.

But then a new understanding dawned. My family was all together…all together and happy and healthy and laughing.

What’s more, they sought me out. They wanted to spend time with me. Even now, when my children are 6 and 4, I know there will come a day when friends and extra-curricular activities will take precedence over spending time with Mom. And so I chose to treasure these times for what they are…a precious chance to love my family, enjoy my family, delight in my family.


Let’s talk: Have you ever had an eye-opening moment when you see the blessings in your life for what they are?

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